Reduce Risks of Cloud Adoption

Data Security for Private & Public Clouds

The adoption of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure can lead to increased availability and improved network and host security. Data security, however, remains the responsibility of the tenant. As the Chief Information Security Officer of Amazon Web Services said, “[Amazon] are responsible from the floor of the data center up to the hypervisor.” Enterprises must maintain, if not augment, their data security controls when moving information to Government, public or private IaaS Cloud environments in order to address security issues related to multi-tenancy, third party access to data, and compelled disclosures.

The requirements for increased data security are more pronounced for Government use cases such as Amazon C2S or Microsoft and Amazon Government Clouds. Many government components have historically maintained their own systems in order to keep compartmented data from shared IT systems. Mandates to move systems into shared Government and Intelligence Community Cloud environments create new requirements to maintain isolation of compartmented information stored on shared hardware.

CipherPoint Solutions for IaaS

The CipherPoint Eclipse Data Security suite provides multiple layers of security for sensitive data in IaaS environments such as fpweb, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (C2S), Rackspace, and others. CipherPoint solutions allow enterprises to understand risk and maintain data confidentiality and compliance as they move restricted and regulated SharePoint and file server content to private and public IaaS Cloud environments. A core technical advantage of CipherPoint technology is the ability for the tenant to maintain total control of data encryption keys.

To learn more about CipherPoint can help your organization realize the benefits of IaaS while also managing the new security risks, visit the product pages or contact us for a product demonstration.

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