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Patient Privacy Data Security Challenge

The healthcare and related industries are embracing collaboration in order to reduce costs of medical care. Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 / SharePoint Online are the market leaders for team collaboration.  The challenge, however, is to secure SharePoint, Office 365, and SharePoint Online for use cases that involve patient information and other regulated or sensitive data. The CipherPoint Eclipse for Healthcare helps healthcare and other organizations ensure confidentiality of patient information in SharePoint environments.

CipherPoint Solutions for Patient Privacy

The adoption of SharePoint and Office 365 for storing patient information within the healthcare field is growing. In the healthcare industry, payers and providers must comply with the requirements found in the HIPAA and HITECH Acts relating to providing adequate security and privacy for Electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI). These requirements include such technical controls as user authentication, authorization, access control, encryption, data integrity, and audit logging.

CipherPoint Eclipse Abilities for Patient Privacy

  • Compliance – Enables compliance with PHIPA, HIPAA HITECH, and other patient privacy initiatives
  • Collaboration Platform Support – Supports SharePoint, file servers, SharePoint Online, Office 365, and other cloud platforms
  • Data Identification – Identifies electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) and other patient data
  • Transparent Encryption – Provides data at rest encryption and key management in accordance with NIST 800-111 for safe harbor from breach disclosure
  • Audit & Report – Audits all access requests to patient information to more quickly identify and response to suspicious behavior
  • Access Control – Optionally controls access to patient information so that SharePoint and other IT administrators can manage patient information but cannot view it

The CipherPoint Eclipse for Healthcare solution for patient privacy compliance delivers the controls healthcare organizations need to secure their patient and other sensitive information, and to meet their compliance requirements. CipherPoint’s solution for organizations that store patient information helps them to meet access control, system activity reporting, transparent encryption, and automated key management requirements, in a single, easy to deploy solution that is centrally managed and transparent to end-users.





CipherPoint Eclipse Compatible Products

To learn more about CipherPoint’s solution for data privacy, visit the CipherPoint Eclipse for Healthcare product page.

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