Audit and Protect Intellectual Property and Trade Secrets

Intellectual Property Data Security Challenge

For technology and other innovative companies, the ability maintain the confidentiality of their intellectual property (IP) and trade secrets is strategic to their competitive advantages in the market. The challenge is to keep IP and trade secrets secured while also fostering the creativity that led to the development of those advantages in the first place. This is core to the challenge of securing IP: securing it while not inhibiting the abilities of those that create it. Collaboration platforms like SharePoint and Office 365 have been proven to allow engineering and design teams to work more efficiently but they do not provide adequate security features to defend against advanced threats to IP and trade secrets. Organizations need to seriously consider and address these threats to the confidentiality of their high value IP as this type of information is an appealing target for the most sophisticated attackers. According to the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, “foreign nations that seek to improve their economies and militaries target US technology companies.”

CipherPoint Solutions for Intellectual Property

The CipherPoint Eclipse Suite allows customers to address the threats to their IP and trade secrets by including the necessary controls required for a life-cycle approach to data security. The CipherPoint Eclipse Suite contains various modules that can be used in any combination to properly secure IP in SharePoint, Office 365, OneDrive for Business, and other supported platforms. The Data Discovery module uses patterns and keywords to identify IP, giving security administrators the ability to assess where IP is stored and whether it is properly secured. The Encryption module renders trade secrets unreadable at rest, in database and web server memory, and on the network among servers that comprise an on-premises SharePoint farm or Cloud environment. The Access Control and Auditing modules allow customers to strongly enforce business need to know and track all permitted and denied access requests to secured data. CipherPoint Eclipse auditing includes the user identity, network location, and other attributes of the request to give organizations a greatly improved ability to recognize and response to suspicious behavior.




CipherPoint Eclipse Compatible Products

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