Education Data Security Challenge

Higher Education institutions embody the ideals of intellectual creativity and freedom. The decentralized nature of these environments, however, present challenges in managing data security. While preserving this freedom is a top priority, it is also increasingly important for higher education institutions to deploy cost-effective and user transparent security controls to maintain compliance with regulations such as FERPA, HIPAA, ITAR, etc. and as sophisticated attackers target advanced research information. Collaboration within and between institutions adds another layer of complexity in securing sensitive data.

The Cipherpoint Solution for Education Institutions

All of Cipherpoint’s product solutions, including cp.Discover, cp.Protect and cp.Content, allow organisations to provide an appropriate level of top-down risk management and security control while not impacting the individual empowerment of departments and research projects. Through the ability to quickly and easily assess and reduce the risk of regulated or proprietary information, the Cipherpoint suite gives IT departments the ability to provide a higher level of service to their internal stakeholders by allowing expanded use of popular platforms such as SharePoint, Office 365, and OneDrive Pro for Business.


Granular logging of all permitted and denied access requests to export controlled information


Transparent file encryption with key management no matter where it is stored


Quickly locate and access personal and sensitive information in data centres and clouds

Maintain control

The data owner manages the security policy for their content and remains in full control