GDPR-compliant SAP Data Archiving Solutions and Tools

SAP Archiving and Information Lifecycle Management

We offer GDPR-compliant SAP data archiving tools and comprehensive solutions for the seamless integration of SAP documents and records into your digital workplace.

With our solution you can attach or link files such as documents, attachments, notes, emails and more, directly to your SAP records. You can store and display documents, such as outgoing invoices, delivery notes, or purchase orders directly from SAP. This improves your SAP archiving processes and allows you to use SAP content in other business processes at the same time. 

Electronic Files as a Business Solution

The SAP archiving solution offers the option of storing all documents (both SAP and non-SAP), regardless of their origin, in a hierarchical file structure and linking them to an SAP record. Documents can be easily introduced/archived both automatically, from any source as well as manually by the user.

Certified SAP Data Archiving

Our SAP archiving solution ensures the legally compliant storage of data extracts and safeguards your compliance strategy during subsequent processing. Our certification includes both the archive link and the ILM interface. With these interfaces, as an SAP user, you can archive and store data and documents and easily enrich them with additional information.

The smart ILM interface enables the legally compliant management within SAP of data that are subject to retention and deletion rules. These rules can be centrally defined which automate and simplify the archiving, lifecycle, blocking, and deletion of data (e.g. in accordance with GoBD or GDPR requirements). This means, that retention periods can be configured and personal data securely managed against the background of your SAP ILM. It is also ensures that data and documents that are subject to statutory retention periods are not accidentally deleted which reduces your risk and allows you to easily adhere to complex compliance requirements.

The Benefits at a Glance

  • You achieve perfect SAP information lifecycle management with retention management, blocking (legal hold function), and deletion according to GoBD and GDPR requirements. 
  • Our manual scan solution helps you record hard-copy documents and directly link them to SAP documents via barcode scenarios (late or early filing). 
  • Easy integration of external documents, such as emails, attachments or performance records into SAP business objects, meaning all documents can be displayed within SAP. 
  • SAP archive ensures complete control of outgoing records. Any missing documents can be subsequently archived and assigned, allowing SAP administrators to attach digitised records after the fact (e.g. hard copies, faxes etc.).
  • The SAP archiving index export facilitates enable the use of index data from the SAP system into the archive, in order to find and show documents without an SAP client. This allows for SAP independent full-text document search.
  • You are able to prepare your data for migration to SAP HANA, the cloud and more.
  • With reduced data volumes and optimized systems, you reduce costs and increase the return on investment of your SAP application