SharePoint & Office 365 email management and compliance archiving solutions

GDPR Compliant Solution for Email Management and Archiving in SharePoint & Office 365

With Cipherpoint’s solution you can manage and archive your emails automatically, in an “audit-proof” manner and make them available to all your business processes with ease. Valuable information in emails can be used to enhance business processes and digital workflows. 

Automatic and Secure Email Archiving

Legal email management is becoming increasingly complex for businesses. With our SharePoint and Office 365 email archiving solutions you can manage and archive your content automatically and ensure you comply with all relevant regulations. All archived emails and attachments remain unchanged and fully accessible, including long term retention. You have access to your business-relevant emails anytime, anywhere with improved full text searching (incl. within attachments) and indexing capabilities. Thanks to our SharePoint and Office 365 email management solution, say goodbye to email quotas which deprive businesses, impact IT and ultimately frustrate users. 

With our “Mail Anywhere” concept, you can always carry your entire mailbox with you on any device, regardless of its size. You have quick access to all your emails and attachments on your device at any time. Share archived emails with business partners and colleagues, no matter which mail application or which device they use. There has never been more flexibility to ensure the mobile workforce of today can stay connected and productive. 

The Benefits at a Glance:

  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook, Office 365 and Lotus Notes 
  • Full integration with the Microsoft Office suite 
  • Automatic rule-based and audit-proof Office 365 and SharePoint archiving solution that meets all compliance requirements  
  • Fast and improved searching capabilities, including content within attachments 
  • Anytime, anywhere access to your entire inbox
  • Easy integration into your digital business processes and workflows 
  • Conversion / rendition into independent formats to ensure the long-term availability of all information – even when migrating to different email systems 
  • Reduce storage through single instancing as identical attachments are only stored once in the archive 
  • Provides a significant relief for exchange serves and improves IT performance