CipherPoint Eclipse for SharePoint

Data Discovery, Encryption, Access Controls, and Activity Logging for SharePoint

rsz_4sharepoint-01-150x150CipherPoint Eclipse for SharePoint provides transparent SharePoint security and SharePoint encryption for restricted and regulated data. While Microsoft SharePoint provides outstanding user productivity and document management advantages, it requires additional security controls in order to be suitable for storing high value information such as trade secrets, patient data, human resources records, or military intelligence. CipherPoint’s technology allows enterprises to have centralized visibility and control of SharePoint encryption, permissions, and activity auditing across multiple SharePoint sites or even multiple SharePoint farms. Using a foundation of SharePoint document encryption, SharePoint file encryption, and SharePoint library and list encryption the CipherPoint Eclipse solution allows for balancing user empowerment and information sharing with the need to maintain data privacy and compliance.

CipherPoint Eclipse for SharePoint provides a central console to identify SharePoint data security risks, encrypt SharePoint content at rest, manage permissions, and track all access requests.


  • Data discovery to locate restricted and regulated information in SharePoint so enterprises can identify and mitigate security and compliance risks associated with the use of SharePoint.
  • Encryption of SharePoint Lists, SharePoint Libraries, SharePoint documents, and SharePoint InfoPath forms. The data encryption secures information both at rest and in use on the SharePoint farm.
  • Permissions management that is integrated with the encryption to provide strong enforcement of business need to know, including the ability to ensure that sensitive data is not exposed to outside attackers that gain IT administrator access.
  • Activity logging and reporting to granularly track all permitted and denied requests to secured information and allow organizations to more quickly and easily respond to security and privacy incidents.


  • Provides the highest level of threat protection against insiders and other threats to sensitive data
  • Is transparent to end users, requires no client software, and works with all end user devices
  • Enhances item level security, document security, and folder level security through SharePoint encryption, central permissions management, and activity logging
  • Enforces separation of duties, giving security control back to IT security management while still empowering end-users
  • Enables compliance to numerous regulations such as PCI DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, ITAR, and privacy breach notification laws
  • Preserves search in lists and libraries for SharePoint for authorized users.

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